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Most of us have an understanding of prayer.  Which is - prayer is something special that we do . . . for God.  While we ‘do’ pray and this is special to and for God, this doing is just part of the prayer life.


Yes, prayer is life, and life is prayer.  You being aware of this depends solely upon two things.  God’s leading and your yielding.  If you are in a dynamic relationship with God, by His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit – then these two keys, God’s leading and your yielding, are in you 24/7


As children of God, we are blessed with a real relationship with our Abba/Daddy, 24/7.  This is our new framework and essence of living, not necessarily the kneeling, self concerned function we do.  While you may be there, and believe that this is all there is to prayer, kneeling, this is not the reality of your new life in Him.  What I refer to as your prayer life.  


This life, our lifeline so to speak, is in His presence, and as we become more aware of this truth, we grow more like Him and are conformed to His image.  In other words, we feed on the truth of the living word, as milk first and then as bread and meat and grow into the image of who we are spiritually – God’s child, Christ-like.


While our understanding of prayer is only a part of what is important; our acceptance of new life, and remaining teachable to what the Holy Spirit teaches us and leads us into, and brings to our remembrance, these are the keys we really need.  First and foremost it is who we are that is so very vital to us and then what we do through who we are.


It is in our new prayer life that we find out who we are, and whose we are.  Jesus’ prayer for us was that we would be one even as He and Father God are one in John Chapter 17.  This one-ness is not obtained through or by actions, but by birth, and by new life. Prayer is the breathing of new life in and the activation of manifested growth in our new life, even as we still live in these earthen vessels, our earth suits. 


Prayer Life is not difficult but now you do need to be conscious of this fact, your new life is prayer life.  Being in Communion with Him, being in His presence 24/7; being intimate and one - with our Lord God, our Savior, our Brother, our bridegroom, our Comforter, Leader and Guider - GOD; these are all part of our new life.  These facets along with finding out whose we are, partaking of His divine nature - prayer - calling those things that are not as though they are, and those things that are as though they are not - these are some of the many sides of this prayer life we are all living. 


In this prayer life, we are called and placed in our new life according to God’s purpose.  Some of us will go on into deeper areas of prayer - intercession, spiritual warfare; some of us will go onto teaching, preaching.  These are areas of maturity and of course God’s calling.  We do all have a beginning as with our first birth; and the first thing we get to do in our new life is breath, cry, feed, grow and learn.  More on this later.    

Forgiveness -



In life we grow through many stages – baby, toddler, child, youngster (pre-teen), teen, young adult, adult.  We also learn how to relate, how to live with others and how to communicate, listen, appreciate, discern, love; and on the negative side, rebel, hurt, speak evil of, judge, accuse, blame, hate.


Many of us have baggage that we have been carrying for most if not all of our lives.  While we don’t acknowledge much of it, until a problem arises, baggage still affects our lives, and in many instances, determines how well or how little we will live our lives.  Most of this baggage is in our sub-conscious thoughts, feelings, visions/images/pictures/vain imaginations.  Got it?


One of the most devastating pieces of baggage is unforgiveness.  It adds bitterness, resentment, arrogance, meanness, spitefulness, victimness [my word, meaning one’s acceptance of their life as a victim], and hatred.  Unforgiveness roots deep and has many sprouts of a bondaged, captive human nature.


Wars, shootings, most acts of unbelievable (but now acceptable as part of our society) violence – these are all results of deep seeded unforgiveness.


Taken out of context, the term discipline can be used to cover up brutal, physical harm and it was for this reason that ‘violence’ became a focus in family issues.  Imbalance of any kind brings about confusion and irrationality, and in a society that has grown to respect its ability to fairly deal with all issues, imbalance became an accepted ‘way’ of dealing with issues that required balance, at least. 


With a desire to stop unnecessary violence, physical discipline (and emotional) has been forced out of homes.  Rather than curbing violence, this ‘new way’ has paved a way for violence to grow under all kind of banners, the least of which is pleasure.  Gangs rule, violence is becoming a way for younger and younger people to behave – in other words, we have enslaved our future generations to self-centered meanness and desires.  And isn’t it funny that when physical discipline was removed, violence grew?  Go figure.


Talk about imbalance.  (And to think that unforgiveness paved the way).  Look closely at the decisions made regarding home life, the bringing up of children, and you will find unforgiveness, judgment, blame, and attempts at shifting guilt from one’s own conscience to the plate of people caught in the ‘new way’ of growing children up.


At any rate, it is hard to forgive.  In fact, without focus and determination, one will turn away from it, in our society.  There are societies where forgiveness is taught as a way of life, and it does reduce violence, and develop character.  


Which brings me to the point of this chapter.  If you are not taught about forgiveness early in your life (beginning with baby-hood or maybe even during pregnancy), you will be captive to the systems that pop up in our lives.  As in the movie Th Matrix ©, the point is made of the ‘machines’, ‘computerized programs’ being the ones holding people captive – system.


Very good point, however, in our lives now, it is the various, invisible systems of labor, religion, education, culture and communities that captivate.  Perhaps as a model for the soon coming machines – just joking. 


Generally speaking, For-give-ness is giving release to someone for what they have done (or you believe they have done) to you.  Mostly this is pain oriented.  There are times when it is mental and emotionally painful, and none is worse or better.  Pain is the place where you can gain through learning and growing; or become captive – become a slave held in bondage. 


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