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PrayerLife - Brokenness

Have you ever felt that tingle of a question?  Just what is prayer?  And have you tried to shut it down with: 

It’s what I do. 


Well, I have a question for you.  Just what is it you do with prayer?  I had this conversation with myself a

while back, and I could tell myself the words I used and the reason that I prayed, but I still didn’t have that

solid answer, you know?  The one that gets all the yeses and amens!


So I began to study prayer, and research all I could about ‘prayer’ beginning with definition.  Prayer means:

entreaty, appeal, plea, request, desire, hope, wish.  Ok.  That gave me a definite answer to just what prayer

is and what I do when I pray. 


Then I went to the Bible and began searching out the prayers found there.  From Moses through to Jesus

and Paul, John, Mark, Luke, James, there are many examples.  Powerful and incredible prayers. 


However, the more I sought the Lord, I was led back to the Psalms and that is where I began to bloom.

The Spirit leads and guides us simply, step by step, and then leap by leap.  So let’s look at the Psalms. 


The writers of psalms may not have recognized that the psalms/songs were just what we need as a guide

for prayer.  The psalms are a good place to begin to get an insight into what prayer can be, and how it can

be.  And David’s psalms are so very revealing to us, of the awesome connection we have to God in prayer.


Do you know that David always addressed God in a personal, familiar way?  Not from a distance but right

up in God’s face so to speak.  Not disrespectful, just personal.  Jesus spoke in the same manner, and

added the KEY for us all -- the connection to God personally, --  FATHER God.   If you keep this key in your

heart and then read the Psalms, you will note the personal, Father key, hidden but there.


The Psalms of David are based on where he was in his life’s journey.  And as we read them we can relate

based on where we are in our life’s journey.  Let's begin:


*   David prayed always in the humbling honesty of where he was in his life.  He prayed from where his

soul was and what his soul was going through. (Soul meaning emotions, thoughts, imagination.)  He

opened his heart completely and made his heart vulnerable – as in being REAL— before God,

the Lord His Shepherd, his ALL in ALL.  


David’s prayers, give evidence of a real relationship with God - a connection that never stopped which


*  This has been God’s purpose and design since the beginning.  We are God's children through Jesus


Now in this 21st century, as we are of  stepping more and more in the true spiritual reality of God's Love,


God's Will and God's Purpose for our lives, this truth of 'relationship with God' is our joy unspeakable!


Let’s begin this study by looking at the brokenness of David, in the Psalm David wrote after getting the

word from the Prophet Nathan on just what he, David, had done.  The whole scenario with Bathsheba. 

David  had been intimate with Bathsheba while she was still married.  And then he had arranged for her

husband to be killed as he fought in David's army.  Uh huh! Dumb and Dumber.   David was moving in a

manner that was our of balance with God, totally self-focused, numb to all that he had grown in and

learned.  His senses were totally driving him and what is named in the new testament as ‘lust of the flesh,

lust of the eye and pride of life’ totally consumed him.  Sound familiar?


David gave no thought to what he did or what he ordered to happen (the death of Bathsheba’s husband). 

He was not 'connecting' to God in this, just full of himself (you know, the 'like god syndrome').That points

out the strength of the senses out of order and trying to fulfill themselves -- sin – and this also points to

the weakness in David and in us all. For David this led to the breaking of his heart – his son died. 


David had been approached by the Prophet of the Day – Nathan - who came and through the telling of a

parable, revealed to David the totality of his sin, and the requirement of the death of his son.  Now David

prayed and fastd, but this was after the Word had come, and what he had sowed had been judged.  David’s

heart was completely broken.  Read 2 Samuel 11 and 12, and seek God’s wisdom and insight through His

Holy Spirit. 


David who wrote psalms that spoke of a real and personal relationship with God, had forgotten the very

basis for his life – his connection with God, a righteousness that came through relationship - not through

trying to be 'like god'. 


My point is that brokenheartedness is not just for those ‘bad’ people or ‘foolish’ people.  Nope. 

Brokenheartedness can happen to those closest to God -- IF you forget who you are whose you are.

If you go with the drive of the lust of your flesh, or the lust of your eyes, or the pride of your life.


Paul gives us direction in his words “I die daily’.  We die to self daily, we admit our faults and shortcomings

before God, we humble ourselves, recognizing that we need the relationship, the presence of God, we

need God our Father to be with us.  Therefore daily picking up and bearing our cross is part of being

aware of the sin factor still residing in our flesh -- for our flesh has not been redeemed yet, our flesh is

still an earthen vessel.  And that which defeats it – is our daily recognition of being crucified with Christ. 


In new life in God, the process of being born again is real and we learn and grow in being God’s child. 

This does not mean we do not have our senses – or the sin that dwells in the flesh that attempts to lead us

astray or capture us.  The unrenewed senses use the mind to attempt to bring to life the lies and deceits

of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life - sin.  This is where our battle is, and this is

where we need to remember that the BATTLE IS THE LORD’S.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart -- 

do not lean to your own understanding, as in judging and condemning. 


There are times when in our blindness or weakness or stupidity or ignorance that we step just as David

did, and in our stepping, we cause our heart to become broken – through our choice of dis-obedience and

lack of wisdom and/or submission to God’s Will for Life in us. 


When we lean to our own understanding, we are blinded to the truth and become puffed up and arrogant. 

Where is Love?  Broken away – as in separated from us - by our choice.  So we can see that sin separates

and in the separateness our heart is broken.  Just like the sun sets and darkness comes. Hmmmm


Yet God has made a way out of no way for us – just as was made for David, at a cost.  Does pain not cost? 

We do not need to loose in order to be forgiven, we need to remember whose we are – as in who paid the

price for us and at what cost. 


With the blood of Jesus, we are cleansed and healed and radically restored.  I mean this as a transformed

change in our lives.  We are in touch with our healing and restoration – there is some pain in the gain of

freedom, our radical restoration.


Just as when your body suffers a blow or some damage, and while you may be made better, the process

may take some pain in order to gain the complete healing and restoration yes?  Well so it is with our

broken heartedness, we experience some pain, as we gain the healing and restoration of our heart. 


Now this is the way of healing, as in teaching us the reason for the healing and the rationalization for the

restoration.  To be more than a conqueror, to be crucified with Christ, yet living this life by the Faith of the

Son of God – that life may come forth from death, and light from darkness.   So that what ever weapon

formed against you will NOT prosper, in that God will turn to the good what was meant for evil in you and for you.  And that every tongue that rises against you in judgment as in pointing a finger and blaming, you shall condemn as in show disproval of their poor choice to judge you, in the midst of God’s forgiveness, God’s Mercy.  


Radical Restoration is recognizing and receiving God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness for you now!  You don’t have to carry the brokenness to the death – it was already carried to death by Jesus.  Do you believe that He died for your sins, that unforgiveness and brokenheartedness were part of what Jesus carried and bore on the cross for ALL. 


God does not need to be nice.  God is all in all, and His Grace and Mercy endure forever!  If you will choose to receive, to acknowledge Him in all your brokenhearted caused ways, and He will direct your paths, as in lead you through the valley of the SHADOW of death – as in the way you see a shadow is because there is light, and death is simply the beginning of life.  Did you know that a seed dies before it comes to life – COMES TO LIFE! 


God has made a way out of no way for you to be radically restored – in His Love, which never ever fails.


Meditate on these words, read Psalm 51 and seek God prayerfully through and by His Holy Spirit.


If you have not asked for the free gift of the Holy Spirit, then ask now, humble yourself to know that you DO need life in God, made possible by the Holy Spirit leading and guiding you into all of the truth for you now..


Peace Love and Joy to you, always and forever!



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